Paddy Duncan

Custom Wordpress Sites

Custom web design for small business, non-profits, organizations and individuals

Are you looking for someone to design a website for you and have no idea where to start? Or perhaps you have a website designed for you back when computers had floppy drivesĀ and it’s time to do a bit of an overhaul? I can help.

I specialize in designing and maintaining websites for individuals, non-profits, small businesses and organizations. I can assist with everything from initial setup, to developing content, search engine optimization, site launch and ongoing maintenance and updates.

All sites are custom-designed and run on the WordPress platform. Wordpress is far more than a blogging platform – it’s a terrific content management system running on almost a quarter of the world’s top websites. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with WordPress is great out of the box, and updating content with a WordPress site is within the capabilities of many site owners, though I am happy to do it for those who haven’t the time or the inclination.

Based in Newcastle, Ontario, Canada, I have many local clients, but also have a number of clients in the US. With the ability to communicate via email, Zoom etc., it’s easy to keep in touch when in-person meetings are inconvenient.

Have a look at my portfolio and contact me with any questions or comments or requests for quotes.